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the cosmos is trying to trick you.
--Nick B Fri Jul 6 02:09:09 2007
Hey. . .wait a sec. Your Z22 has already died? Does the Z22 die quick?
--The_Lex Fri Jul 6 07:28:05 2007
The Z22 seemed robust until I took it kayaking, and the backpack it was in was less water resistant than I would have guessed.
--Kirk Fri Jul 6 08:28:14 2007
Oh, OK. Turning off panic mode (just bought another Z22 after my old one died)
--The_Lex Fri Jul 6 09:46:05 2007
I have an employer paid for Samsung blade. Yeah, I could use it as an MP3 player (it even connects via USB so I don't have to go through the network), but that would chew through the battery - leaving it unable to satisfy it's primary purpose. The built-in camera is okay, but the movies it captures are uselessly low-res. (I have figured out how to transcode movies so it can play them back, which is kinda fun.)
--ericball Fri Jul 6 11:48:44 2007
writing this on the new phone...
I think for now I might stick with my iPod nano for music. battery concerns, the way you need an adapter for other headphones (because of the microphone and pause button) and you have to turn on, unkeyguard, and THEN hit next song ...
--Kirk Fri Jul 6 14:04:35 2007
How long ago did you try a PocketPC? I ask, because the term "PocketPC" was deliberately-associated with windows-running PDAs up until a certain version of Windows Mobile (3-4), and since then, and the fact that Windows has different levels of functionality (think home vs. Pro) for smartphones vs. PDAs (basic difference: PDA has a touchscreen), I wonder if you've used Windows Mobile *lately*. While WM6 is not in full popular release, you can get it if you know where to go, and AT&T (my phone, barely 2 months old, still says Cingular) will be upping their users to WM6 at the end of the summer. (My PDA's a Cingular 8525, aka HTC Hermes.)

Also, while I'm sure the Macheads will have a billion koolaid-drinking vanity webpages to assist you with the iPhone, I recommend this place to go when you have questions about AT&T: http://ATT.HowardForums.com. "HoFo" is a great source for mobile phone company info for anyone, though it's mainly US-centric.
--LAN3 Fri Jul 6 19:30:36 2007
iPhone? Must be nice...

--Mac Guy Sat Jul 7 22:07:18 2007

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