moderately well
1st pic, beautiful, haven't seen Michigan Ave with so much pretty psychedelic colors before.

3rd pic, somehow, despite the blurry quality, you've captured some of the best pictures from the wedding.
--The_Lex Sun Jul 8 19:15:26 2007
Glad you like 'em. Sometime at the end of this week I might go ahead and post all my Chicago pics as a gallery, though to be frank most of the ones I consider good and/or interesting(from a photography standpoint) I've posted here already. I think I did get a unique angle on the ceremony itself, however, because I snuck up to the reception patio while the officiant was speaking.... hopefully I wasn't too indiscrete about it all.

The 3rd pic (of one of the co-maid-of-honor, if people were wondering) has had a bit of photoshopping done to it, adding saturation to the dress in an effort to make it pop a bit.

Some of my favorite wedding photos have been the worst "quality", especially on the blur front.
--Kirk Sun Jul 8 20:22:43 2007
I have to admit, I was a little too pre-occupied and self-absorbed to notice. ;b
--The_Lex Sun Jul 8 23:31:44 2007

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