pray not for aid to one who made a set of never-changing laws
Why is "bra" singular and "panties" plural?
--J Sun Jul 15 14:27:43 2007
Well, despite bras being associated with breasts, which famously usually come in sets of two, most clothing is singular except for pants, which is probably where panties is derived from, associated with legs that also come in twos. HTH.
--Kirk Sun Jul 15 15:24:55 2007
I came late to Star Wars, the movies having come out largely while I was too young to appreciate them. So when I first heard Yoda speak, I couldn't stop thinking "Grover".

And I remember that Kermit and Ernie had the same voice for a long time.

Incidentally, Frank Oz only learned about the Cookie Monster's reputation as a metaphor for ultra-gravelly metal singing, when an article was written about it two years ago and he was tapped as a source.
--Nick B Sun Jul 15 18:24:42 2007
Oh, one more thing... I was scared by one single aspect of Sesame Street. Specifically, the sound of a piano being destroyed. There was some sketch where a piano was being moved, and they took the white keys first and then the black keys, and while it was being taken apart off-screen, it made this hideous sound with random dissonant notes being played ans springs snapping.

But I kept watching anyway, looking forward to when the pinball animation came out. One two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve!

And then one day, they played the piano-being-destroyed sound effect at the end of that animation. So I had to run and hide every time it came on, in case they did it again.
--Nick B Sun Jul 15 18:28:57 2007
For those interested in bees:
--ericball Thu Jul 19 15:56:41 2007

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