aargh my eyes!
Capt's idea, when he often offers to take photos for folks, is that if one of the family or group members can outrun ya, then they won't fear your offer :-) ...... Rennie
--rennielorca Mon Jul 16 12:17:53 2007
I was thinking it might be fun to do something odd, like a ball-and-chain, to convey the whole "I'm not going anywhere, so let me take your picture," and then orchestrate a series of opportunities (that don't go anywhere) for you to steal the camera, i.e. an accomplice in running gear shows up, or a friend shows up to release you from the chain, mid-shot, etc. You'd get nice photos of big groups of people including at least one nervous guy.
--LAN3 Mon Jul 16 13:11:59 2007
This is where I could have used some typographic distinction between Kirk's original thoughts and quoted text.
--Nick B Mon Jul 16 15:21:14 2007
Yeah, that's a good point. Usually I put quotes around stuff like this, but the multiparagraph bit kind of threw that off. And blockquote tags seem a bit ungainly.
--Kirk Mon Jul 16 16:16:18 2007
LAN3 -- yeah. A little elaborate for how long taking a snapshot but...

sometimes I think I should pre-emptively offer to let them hold my camera while I use theirs, but then it seems suspicious that I've thought it over so much...
--Kirk Mon Jul 16 16:17:30 2007
Or they might just think, "Who's this weirdo?"
--The_Lex Mon Jul 16 16:57:43 2007
Yeah, elaborate is the drawback, but the setup could be elaborate.

Also, flash-mob idea-- get someone to take your photo, and then, just as he's about to shoot, add more people. Repeat until the hapless photographer loses his or her shit.
--LAN3 Mon Jul 16 21:08:13 2007

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