blink... very.... gingerly...
Wow, that stereogram tetris is awesome. It's surprisingly playable once you get your brian locked into the mode. A little strange afterwards though.
--Mr. Ibis Tue Jul 17 16:49:04 2007
Damnit, I could never see through the crap for the real picture. . .NEVER!
--The_Lex Tue Jul 17 19:15:38 2007
archy and mehitabel are lower case! I used to love those books :-)
--Catherine Thu Jul 19 22:33:05 2007
A bit similar to the "E. E. Cummings" shtick, I think it's arguable if people with full access to a shift key should keep the physically-constrained convention... still, delightful works, I should reread soon.
--Kirk Fri Jul 20 09:18:39 2007

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