the danger of graph paper
Not bad, but I've seen worse.

ProgFont is another attempt to make a font using some artificial constraint, and the results are similarly unreadable:
--Nick B Fri Jul 20 00:29:50 2007
There's also Iain M. Banks' invention, "Marain," the language of The Culture, a super-advanced plural culture of sentient-machines, humans, and a load of other races.

Marain, which doesn't actual appear in written form in that many of the novels, is based on a 3x3 grid, as yours is, but in a "fill the grid" fashion, not "connect the dots" fashion. However, connecting the dots does play into it, and Banks eliminates symbols that are rotations or reflections of each other.
--LAN3 Fri Jul 20 02:32:37 2007
Those are some neat references.

I like trying to get the alienness of the Marain culture. It reminds me a little bit of the font I made for Pixeltime, , with each letter in a 3x4 or at max 4x4 grid of pixels.

--kirk Fri Jul 20 09:14:17 2007
the fact that you 'saw' this in your head to begin with amazes me. i wish i had a fraction of that creativity and/or ingenuity.
--aparajita Fri Jul 20 09:48:58 2007
Heh, well thanks.

It's not-atypical geek behaviour, starting with just writing block letters on the graph paper "K I R K" and then wondering "just how simple can we make this?"
--Kirk Fri Jul 20 09:53:10 2007
ya know.. thanks to the hunt, i have more graph paper than i know what to do with. you could have just asked. =P
--miller Fri Jul 20 14:41:41 2007
once a doodler always a doodler! i can't doodle past spirals, stars, flowers, and stick figures... sad.
--aparajita Mon Jul 23 10:35:19 2007

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