two-fisted politics
Doesn't that Slate question just set us up for Schwarzenagger as president? Sure, he hasn't done that yet in a movie, but I'm sure he could.

Also, "teen webcam girl" culture scares. Some other day, I read in a WSJ that that's how girls are trying to get approval with the world, trying crafting themselves a heroine addict body then get tons of racy pictures on MySpace. I don't consider myself a prude, but seriously, we need to get girls in this culture to work on getting appreciation for their whole selves, not just their bodies.

That topic could take multitudes of discussion boards, however.
--The_Lex Tue Jul 24 09:18:36 2007
The "webcam girl" thing is weird. I don't know how much is real and how much apocryphal, but you hear about girls setting up wishlists and stuff like that, with the implicit "buy me this and I'll show you something" kind of thing. Or maybe explicit. It's like underage DIY peepshows for barter.
--Kirk Tue Jul 24 09:44:47 2007
It definitely proves that there's a possibility for Huxleys BRAVE NEW WORLD or Dostoevsky's (sp?) Grand Inquisitor.
--The_Lex Tue Jul 24 11:10:55 2007

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