pitagora suitchi!
Nice, but can it cook Pee-Wee Herman's breakfast?
--Nick B Sat Jul 28 13:07:53 2007
OK, how the hell did that very last part of the very last one work?
--Nick B Sat Jul 28 13:15:30 2007
With the cup?

It's very finely controlled, obviously, but I think it's just that the metal ball falls in inverted, open-topped cup,(maybe slightly smaller than the diameter of the ball, but gravity pulls it through) rolls down red book, to the side and back on the next two books, and then maybe something sticky or raised up "trips" the cup... the ball starts to roll to what used to be the lid, can't quite fit through but the rotational energy of the ball is transfered to the cup, so it flips around, then the ball can roll on through.

I was this close to making an animated GIF of it for closer study, but got annoyed at trying to advance frame by frame in youtube...
--Kirk Sat Jul 28 17:26:57 2007

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