the loosest slots in town
Last week my wife rolled the change from my son's piggy bank. over 40lbs and C$800! ($1 and $2 coins add up quickly.)

When I was on vacation in the Bahamas I tried to test a nickle slot which paid off if the last reel was a symbol. Now that I've read about how they actually work, I've sworn off playing anything other than BJ. If I want to bet on an RNG, I'll play craps or baccarrat.
--ericball Mon Jul 30 09:42:27 2007
Slot machines don't take quarters anymore, and this bothered me because I walked around Vegas with a big pocketful of change that I figured it couldn't hurt to play, and couldn't find a machine that would accept it. I ended up just buying food with it. Suckers.
--Nick B Mon Jul 30 11:37:43 2007
Must be the casino you were are, 'cause I'm sure Casino Niagara had lots of quarter slots. (Though I don't think they had anything smaller.) Finding a table game with a reasonable minimum is a bigger challenge. Finding one with an open seat is near impossible.
--ericball Tue Jul 31 10:44:10 2007
So voters approved a Casino in Boston.

With leanings toward personal freedoms, I tend to be in support of this kind of thing. If there's a revenue source that seems to rely on the voluntary contributions of others, I'm all for it. I guess I might be downplaying the negative impact and/or desperation gambling provokes in people, but hey...
--Kirk Tue Jul 31 11:19:59 2007

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