long ramble and a funny video
Good going with the de-cluttering.

As for shredding, maybe you should look into seeing if any commercial shredding companies have any deals for non-regulars (I know of Brinks -- who actually recycles the paper, but I don't know of any other companies).
--The_Lex Tue Jul 31 11:15:50 2007
There are some commercial shredders that permit walk-ins. You should buy some banker-boxes (most office supply stores)-- they come 2-3 in a package and you unfold them and fill them, and they're designed for stacking, storing, and above all shredding. They charge walk-ins by the box, usually, and it's affordable.

Also, if you have a grill, you can toss your mail on the grill a few pieces at a time. Just sit near it when you're eating your statement-of-account-roasted non-mammal meatburger, and toss a handful on at once, wait until it dies, swig a beer, and throw on another handful. And don't sweat the envelope-plastic if you're buring credit-card offers.
--LAN3 Tue Jul 31 13:51:55 2007
ACAT that scottrade account over to TradeKing, baby.
--Mr. Ibis Tue Jul 31 15:40:10 2007
ay ya yay give me more more more T & A. BSSNY dominating once again. Not trinyg to bite the hand that feeds but is it the way shes holding the tits that make the left one look lopsided or did she pay for some bunk tatas? Either way if I was KFC her funbox would be this evenings main course tonight
--Alex Tue Jan 8 08:32:59 2013

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