better to give than to receipt
It sounds like a conflict between overall convenience and value on your end with customer relationships on their end -- maybe by trying to get your food for free but saying, "Hey, I'm taking an opportunity when it's given to me. Honestly, though, I could care less about having a receipt." Maybe their sign should say, "If we don't offer you a receipt, your food is free."

Hey! Your complaint could lead to better copy writing all around, which could lead to better communication. Think of the revolution. . .just because you took an opportunity they gave you to get free food. You can make a difference!
--The_Lex Fri Aug 3 11:01:01 2007
Tha video, the kid's freakout, reminds me of the famous "Angry German Kid" throwing a screaming tantrum at his PC because Unreal Tournament was taking too long (4 minutes?) to load.

Here's the version with subtitles, which includes foul language.
--LAN3 Sat Aug 4 13:36:30 2007
Geez. That german kid is like a bokononism wrang-wrang against my own venting of irrational rage.
--Kirk Sun Aug 5 17:03:50 2007
I had to look that up, since I've found Vonnegut to be hit-and-miss with me and never read Cat's Cradle, but wikipedia's explanation of those terms made your statement quite clear, and elegantly terse at that.
--LAN3 Mon Aug 6 23:30:34 2007
I'd strongly recommend Cat's Cradle. Definite Vonnegut Hit...
--Kirk Tue Aug 7 11:09:08 2007

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