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I think you forgot to close a tab. I notice yesterday's post is indented.
--Nick B Sun Aug 5 13:38:49 2007
oops, yeah... tried to close an ordered list as an unordered list. Silly kirky.
--Kirk Sun Aug 5 17:00:04 2007
Up until recently, I thought the solution was to buy more storage. Even today I was thinking of getting an <a href="http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/40047675">EXPEDIT bookshelf</a> for the living room, and THAT would help me clear off the kitchen counter of detritus once and for all. Except nothing trumps the kitchen counter; it's conveniently located between the bedroom door and the front door, so everything goes there.
--Nick B Sun Aug 5 19:24:30 2007
I'm working on finding a proper shelf for my kitchen-counter issues, but it's mainly because I hate putting away appliances. Appliances, however, are huge and do not fit on most bookshelves, and the ones that they do fit on (I have one now) is far too large to fit anywhere near the kitchen, without a major reordering of stuff. (which is due.)

--LAN3 Wed Aug 8 02:22:34 2007

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