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Sounds more like a movie. You pretty much resolved the plot in one episode.

But it kinda sounds like a boring show to watch. . .unless it's about the guy's fantasies sprinkled a little with fending off radiation created beasties or something.

A sympathetic character, though. . .
--The_Lex Sat Aug 11 14:24:47 2007
Uhm..........that was a Twilightzone show years ago. Bill's favorite. "Time ENough at Last"
--YELAS Sat Aug 11 16:02:15 2007
Whoops - I got it. You were too subtle until the last lines. And I was too dumb to not get the "Dusk Area" vs. "Twilight Zone". Effects of heat on brain.
--YELAS Sat Aug 11 17:24:43 2007
Only when YELAS explained it...
--The_Lex Sat Aug 11 23:14:06 2007
That episode is based on the same basically unrealistic hypothesis that Walter Mathau, I believe, was talking about at a dinner party in the movie "Failsafe." He was saying that File Clerks and Prisoners would be the only survivors, owing to blast-protected circumstances of their average existence, but more to the point, File Clerks represent the force of intellect, while Prisoners represent brute force. (No mention is made of how they get out of their cells when the guards all die-- seems more like a prolonged horror after the horror of the attack itself.)

Anyway, the woman listening was obviously impressed, so if it wasn't a movie, Walter Mathau's character certainly would've gotten laid thanks to that charming bit of cold-war speculation.
--LAN3 Sun Aug 12 00:53:30 2007

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