it's 12:12
Dude get some sleep!
--Steve Jobs Fri Aug 17 01:33:28 2007
Awesome-- I do like that quality of a cold that makes Johnny Cash so much more accessable.
--LAN3 Fri Aug 17 02:42:18 2007
Don't you know you're not supposed to drink and blog? In some states, you can be arrested for BUI.
--Max Fri Aug 17 07:18:27 2007
The iPhone was my enabler...
--Kirk Fri Aug 17 08:15:35 2007
As a little kid I learned the lyrics "Ghost Riders in the Sky" from a 78 record (by Vaughn Munroe, I believe) that was a favorite of Papa Sam's.
--YELM Fri Aug 17 08:20:28 2007
I could go either way with the font, as long as the sans-serif was a little bigger.
--The_Lex Fri Aug 17 09:18:47 2007
Don't change the font! It will be forever known as the day jumped the shark...
--Sean Connolly Fri Aug 17 09:28:56 2007
heheh, seriously?

I was trying to pin down why I wanted to experiment with it... partially because I added in a style sheet for the permalinks, so it was an easy change.

I guess on a lot of systems, serif fonts are still the default. And there's an oldschool way of thinking that says you shouldn't override the browser's font defaults without a good reason. So I was worried that the "default Times new Roman" look dated the place a bit...

--Kirk Fri Aug 17 09:46:46 2007
Yeah, I like the old school philosophy of don't override browser's default unless you have a good reason (do you have one?).
--The_Lex Fri Aug 17 10:49:07 2007
Well, like all things, it's shades of grey.

The "use defaults" philosophy has its roots in the very early web, when HTML was really meant to NOT determine how a web page looks, almost at all. It was supposed to just carry information about the page (this is a title, this is an illustration) so that scientists could easily share information. This vision of the world is likely very ugly; big grey flat pages, no tables, just information.

At the other extreme are designers who are upset that they didn't have pixel point control of every aspect of the page. The vision of this world was websites where each page is just a big image, or all in Flash.

Neither vision has dominated, and the best answer is somewhere in between.

So for kisrael, I've treated the titles of things as decorative elements, and made 'em sans-serif because it does look a bit better for titles and what not. But I left the font for the text alone. I guess I'll keep it that way, since I don't think even the default "Times Roman" that a lot of people have looks that bad, and it is what people are used to.

--Kirk Fri Aug 17 11:20:03 2007
I don't object to changing fonts, esp. if it's a commonly-installed font, but I'm not a big fan of how this particular sans serif font looks on the page.
--Max Fri Aug 17 12:07:24 2007
Oh, yeah, Tahoma
Someone said it's supposed to maximally readable for screen display or something.
--Kirk Fri Aug 17 12:42:39 2007
Another idea I've had is to do an alternate front for based on's look and feel.

The trouble is I've been really lazy about assuming the page was white when making images without backgrounds, so while is supposed to be all about the blue, the actual text areas would have to be white.

I've also been getting myself geared up for a semi-major loveblender visual over haul, and maybe including a proper login syste.
--Kirk Fri Aug 17 13:19:17 2007
the new font has readalbility, but seems cold and computer-ish. Your regular, old font is friendly, and reminds me of the books I read as child, which gives me warm fuzzy feelings. I've come to identify your font as you, the visualization of your speech patterns. Like in Sandman comic, he had his own font.
--erinmaru Fri Aug 17 17:38:35 2007
Heh. Well I appreciate that, even if my signature font is just a lazy lack of setting the font (and therefore subject to looking different on different computers and even different browsers)
--Kirk Fri Aug 17 22:30:03 2007

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