winning: everything or only thing?
NO KIDDING. my 14 year old cousin does the same thing. He'll jump up and turn off the game or hit reset when he gets too far behind. His little brother isn't too much into video games, so there's nobody to teach him manners.
--mkb Sat Aug 18 10:03:41 2007
Love the ending in quotes! ;b

MKB, 14 years old and acting like that? I guess I can remember acting like that at 12 or something, but 14?!?!?

Oh crap. . .now I remember acting like that at 14. I just made sure not to do it around people outside of immediate family around.
--The_Lex Sat Aug 18 15:35:15 2007
EVERYONE knows that if you never ever lose at anything you get head-of-line privileges in heaven, duh.
--LAN3 Sat Aug 18 16:32:31 2007
As an analytical person, it really bugs me that I can't pin down why losing video games frustrates me so much.

Like I said on comments here on 2005.10.06 (weird bit of pseudodyslexia... it took me WAY too long to see that I was typing 2005/10/16 and not 2005/10/06 in looking up the entry from the comment, even after double- and triple-checking.):
Incidentally, on a personal note, the "world refusing to conform [to the way I know things "should" be]" is probably why I'm such a whiner when losing at video games and also stressed out while watching "important" sport events...finding confirmation that I'm not the most deft and that my teams aren't the very darn best in the world is more challenging than it should be to me...I have a great dealing of trouble maintaining appropriate perspective.

I've been a bit better lately, which is useful in a circular kind of way, because I felt like I've been less sharp at gaming, either from playing less or Just Getting A Bit Older.
--Kirk Sat Aug 18 16:51:29 2007
I thought it was because you were an only child and used to getting your way ;)
My older brother NEVER let me win at anything. Fcuking prig.
--ErinMaru Mon Aug 20 06:00:47 2007
Five year olds hate to lose. Naturally they love to win and, as you've observed, go to great lengths to tip the balance in their favour. (So I learned in Beaver (Boy Scouts for 5-7) leader training.)

The alternative is to play cooperative games. Mario Party 7 has a great mode where you can play as teams of 2 players. That's how I play with my 6 year old son.

OTOH, learning how to lose gracefully is a necessary life skill. And you're better off beating them today while your experience still trumps their reflexes.

--ericball Mon Aug 20 10:49:01 2007

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