hey, remember that store "chess king"? boy, the late 80s. weren't they something?
Kirk? What's going on? Its Tuesday night, and this is the first comments this week? Is everyone on vacation?
--Mac Guy Tue Aug 21 21:42:38 2007
Dude, the king and pawn are both DEAD, that's what it means, not burial. They both end up as worm food. duh
--erinMaru Tue Aug 21 23:45:50 2007
I try not to let my attention-starved anxiety get the best of my in situations where people haven't been inclined to post. I just try to be more interesting. (Or, more controversial ;-)

erinMaru: Really? So "box" is an abstract metaphor for "dead" and not a more concrete metaphor for "coffin"? Not fully convinced.
--Kirk Wed Aug 22 08:45:22 2007

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