something to think about
The moral arguments against cloning and AI always boggle my mind, but I can understand the fear represented by them. Nonetheless, I'm one to respect the randomness of Nature, in forming life and also for providing it with adversity to test the variety of it all.
--The_Lex Fri Aug 24 10:33:31 2007
I just noticed that there's kind of a parallel between the anti-Cloning/AI arguments and, say, the Islamic admonition against reproducing figures in art.
(Slate just had an interesting video bit, , on the Taliban, and the "glamor shots" they had taken, despite the forbidden aspect of it)

Admittedly I have more respect for the anti-cloning and anti-AI sentiment, though I think it's the same root.
--Kirk Fri Aug 24 10:48:57 2007

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