their faces gaunt, their eyes were blurred, their shirts all soaked with sweat
Yeah, the opt out number works awesome. I did it a couple years ago, and I still hardly get any junk mail. Sometimes, though, not getting it makes me feel a little lonely. Thanks for reminding me about the number (that's the right one, right?).

Regarding the dog fighting, main reason I didn't get involved in the discussions is because I'm kind of on the fringe, being a vegetarian that avoids dairy products but eats eggs. I figure there's really not much of a difference between killing animals and being cruel to them while they're alive. . .and think it's somewhat lame to argue for humanitarian treatment of animals just to kill them. I can appreciate honest arguments of treating them well for a better tasting product, but not arguments over humanitarian treatment just to kill them in the end for a product.
--The_Lex Mon Aug 27 10:14:30 2007
I was more inclined to agree with you until I read about the work of Temple Grandin, her concern about making the final moments for a meat cow to be as anxiety free as possible.

Animal Quality of Life issues may be karmically important even if the Quantity of Life is capped by human wants and needs.
--Kirk Mon Aug 27 11:27:53 2007
Now I can thoroughly agree with you.

I think Vick should keep his job. He should work hard to make money. All of which should go to charity. Every goddamn cent.
--Cordelia Mon Aug 27 17:29:41 2007

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