DOOF DOOF pshhh DOOFdaDOOF pshhhhhhh
Dude, the fact that you're putting that much clout behind your beat box skills just invalidates your street cred.
--The_Lex Wed Aug 29 09:05:47 2007
That's the fun of bizarre little fantasies. I don't have to be bothered by the real life fact that, in effect, my "street cred" is negative several grillion.
--Kirk Wed Aug 29 09:43:16 2007
You know what, though? Just thinking about, with the amount of emphasis that rappers put into talking about their street cred and even making songs about their street cred, maybe the whole self consciousness of said street cred creates even more street cred.

How very post modern.
--The_Lex Wed Aug 29 09:58:59 2007
A beatbox act got 3rd place in "America's Got Talent." A ventriloquist beat her.

But she was insane. She could sing and beatbox at the same time.
--Nick B Wed Aug 29 11:14:31 2007
I can do something like that... a kind of tune behind more shallow beats.

Haven't learned the intermingled syllables though.
--Kirk Wed Aug 29 11:40:41 2007
eebee eebee chicka chicka...

cred is granted, not assumed. Your Peeps give it to ya (well, in part, anyway)!
--Kevin U Wed Aug 29 14:39:04 2007
I respect your beatboxery.
--Cordelia Thu Aug 30 07:32:58 2007

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