kirk you're a horrible person
Don't forget to eat your beans! They'll help you feel snugly full.

And in regards to cravings, just eat a small amount to silence the craving. Check out "Why Women Need Chocolate" by Debra Waterhouse. Yeah, yeah, you're not a woman, but the book has some good tips for everyone.
--The_Lex Fri Aug 31 07:41:38 2007
Well, sometimes a certain quantity is dictated by the craving, though I've put that trick to good use in the past with ice cream and the like.
--Kirk Fri Aug 31 08:17:06 2007
Also, a handful of almonds and cashews can provide a good deal of nutrition and filling.

I don't know how men compare to women in regards to cravings, but yeah, that sounds about right. If your body wants a certain amount of something (rather than your emotions wanting a certain amount of it), you should have that much. The tricky part comes about when figuring how much is enough to fulfill the craving.
--The_Lex Fri Aug 31 09:32:07 2007
you have a quote ..ABOUT a quote.. the you were going to post?

that's so ...meta.
--miller Fri Aug 31 12:07:18 2007
er, that you were
--miller Fri Aug 31 12:07:46 2007

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