another bug
--The_Lex Thu Sep 6 07:36:19 2007
Interesting wing pattern though, innit?
--Kirk Thu Sep 6 08:21:37 2007
Is this in response to the new iPhone prices? :)
--S. Jobs Thu Sep 6 22:01:33 2007
Yeah that is a mighty steep fanboy tax. But what the heck, I needed a phone. $100 gift certificate.... probably a good way of getting loyalists to buy even more expensive gear than that!
--Kirk Thu Sep 6 23:51:42 2007
Early adopters know what they're getting into, expense-wise. Ditto the cool-seekers. Your average koolaid-drinker deserves to be sin-taxed. I think that covers everybody. (I put you, Kirk, as an early-adopter in this case.)
--LAN3 Fri Sep 7 01:51:13 2007
A 1/3 price drop after 2 months is a bit of an outlier, wouldn't you say? I could see a 50 or 100 in this amount of time, or that big of a drop after a year.
--Kirk Fri Sep 7 09:13:29 2007

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