This game is way too fast on my work computer.

At home, the speed is the most playable aspect of this game.

When I was a kid, my parents had a blind friend who had Space Invaders in the form of an audio game.
--Nick B Mon Sep 10 12:55:59 2007
yeah, i just noted the framerate issues on high end machines. I know it does framerate things, but I guess you have to specify? I'll try rebuilding it later.
--Kirk Mon Sep 10 13:02:27 2007
Will I have to use my DOS emulator to play it?
--The_Lex Mon Sep 10 13:04:04 2007
What, this? You shouldn't, it's Java.
--Kirk Mon Sep 10 13:11:38 2007
--The_Lex Mon Sep 10 14:08:10 2007
Sorry.... sleep deprived...
--Kirk Mon Sep 10 15:55:46 2007
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--dwravmjul uijl Thu Sep 20 21:09:19 2007
rivzn zlhxq bkgou sfgylnj nkdvysfb bjrq qicrfyh
--dwravmjul uijl Thu Sep 20 21:10:30 2007
I suppose that sounds and smlels just about right.
--Celina Tue Jan 3 03:41:42 2012
Hi John,I am inclined to agree with the pvouiers poster regarding Irish Marathon prices. Most of which take their price lead from Dublin, yet, apart from Cork, don't have the same conditions and costs.Believe it or not, road closure orders and Garda coverage will cost Dublin 300,000 this year. That's over 4286 entries, based on 70 each before you even consider all the other costs. While not quite as high as in Dublin, Cork also has very significant costs for road closures and Gardai. Most of the other marathon events, many run by private companies, don't have road closures, don't offer the normal full spread of prizes and are very sparing on everything else - and yet there are loads of people queueing up for these events. I see one of the newer ones is now offering "free water" and "free bands" "every three miles" Free water! I've heard it all!
--Akira Thu Apr 11 22:20:26 2013

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