level up!
Gears of Wars is a 3PS, not FPS, if I'm not mistaken.
--LAN3 Sat Sep 15 17:22:05 2007
Really? Does the "I'm a level X Y" really need explanation these days? Doesn't TV pop culture make enough geek jokes for people to understand this one?

I don't mean these questions in any deprecating way. I'm really curious about the level of understanding most people have for geek humor. After all, Weezer had a song about Dungeons & Dragons. It's all over TV these days, too, I think.

Or am I that atypical?
--The_Lex Sat Sep 15 18:51:06 2007
Well, understanding that we're collectively over-analyzing the bejeebers out of this:

1. I'm probably taking a little extra caution, just 'cause of the use of the word "Pollock". Now "some of my best friends are..." (including my best friend from high school) but still.
2. kisrael.com has a mixed audience. I agree that most people would get the "level 8" part, but actually it took me a while to realize that "reflexes up" was also a specific RPG-ish reference.

Admittedly not a standout in the history of humor, but this site is about entertaining others but also my nostalgic future self...
--Kirk Sun Sep 16 10:51:17 2007
LAN3... you're right.
--Kirk Sun Sep 16 12:14:07 2007
Pollock != Polack.

--Cordelia Tue Sep 18 08:39:39 2007
Duly noted and corrected in the main article.

To be fair I was probably more swayed by http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jackson_Pollock .

Interestingly, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polack gives "Polock" as the "(in the Polish language)" alternative spelling. Not that I spelled it that way either.
--Kirk Wed Sep 19 08:29:20 2007

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