his prices are IN-SANE
Doesn't every local market have rent-to-own furniture or electronics stores with wacky TV ads?

Phoenix used to, but the "my prices are insane" tagline was usually uttered by the least crazy of them. And nowadays our local ads are trending towards "chick-friendly" with a bubbly female spokesperson or maybe some cute kids acting stuff out in grown-up clothes.

Seattle had a local show that was syndicated to Phoenix a long time ago called "Almost Live" and they had a great parody of the local shouting guy: "Roscoe's Oriental Rug Emporium," in which a guy I'd best describe as an American John Cleese delivers a sales pitch in front of chromakeyed rug footage that starts out dignified and gets progressively more aggressive and loud as the minutes wear on. Sadly, it's neither on DVD nor YouTube. Maybe LAN3 has a VHS tape.
--Nick B Fri Sep 21 17:40:48 2007
In southern California, we had "Crazy Gideon" hawking goods. Lots of "bargains" shouted on late night television, but you had to wonder if your vehicle would still be there when you finished shopping from the area you had to park ...... Rennie
--Rennie Fri Sep 21 18:09:39 2007
Yeah, around Boston it's furniture retailers... Jordans is the laid back upscale brand but their spots get parodied by "Bernie and Phil's" (annoying tag song "quality comfort and price... ....that's nice") and also Bob's (annoying line: "I doubt it") Neither are that frenetic though.
--Kirk Fri Sep 21 18:14:35 2007
Ohhhh. . .I'm so happy to ahve gotten away from all those furniture sales commercials.

But yeah, talk about short term thinking when it comes to the economy. I wish they would have until the beginning of next year, or at least, the beginning of the next quarter. Lowering the interest just a couple weeks before the end of the quarter DOES NOT help dividends or capital gains. . .and there's not a noticeable change in the economy, either, just crazy speculation that increases stock prices. Grrrr.
--The_Lex Sat Sep 22 20:19:00 2007
Chicago has no chintzy furniture stores? Or just glad to be outside the media grasp of Bernie and/or Phyl?

In general, I'm intermittently alarmed at the sometimes tandem, sometimes contrary nature of the health of the markets and the health of the economy.
--Kirk Sun Sep 23 01:26:30 2007

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