well, ANYTHING is unique if you look closely enough
I read about a guy who preserved snowflakes by catching them on glass slides and hitting them with superglue really quickly. It'd be great to try repeating this. Naturally you'd want your slide and glue to start out colder than freezing, despite any warmth your hands provide.
--LAN3 Sat Sep 22 21:03:22 2007
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--exumralo wsufe Sat Nov 10 15:59:31 2007
This book was excellent in my opoinin. My cousin and I are trying to learn all the ins and out of how to save money on couponing, and I learned so much from this book. It was really easy to read, and there were some really good examples. I loved the table of contents at the end that shows me exactly how to get to my favorite places, so I can just glance through and find out the information that I need to find. It shows how to find coupons online, and what to do with your paper coupons. I think I will save a lot of money from using this book. It is excellent for a beginner, or even someone who knows a bit of couponing already. I highly recommend.
--Morad Sat Jan 5 16:54:24 2013
A very intriguing post! And being from WNY I can only offer you a pevpsectire from an Eastern fly fisherman, and I'm not sure that it would be the same as it is for you guys out there in the West...so here it goes!If you are talking about the fact that many people feel that using eggs is like cheating - then I would say that we certainly have that same sentiment out here in the East, but because of our great lakes fishery, it doesn't seem to as big of an issue (again this is just my observation.) I do think however that we do have a growing number of fly fishermen that may feel that fishing egg flies would be cheating due to the growth of the Switch/Spey revolution out here in the East.I also find some similarities in the "dry fly purist" line of thinking, where many of them look down upon those who nymph fish, or God forbid, use a San Juan worm!I find this really quite sad on many levels. 1st - I have always thought that if you wanted to become a better dry fly fishermen, you needed to have a better understanding of what went on below the surface and 2nd - Tying flies that resemble the natural food items of trout and other fish, may require us to tie a San Juan worm, a nymph, or an egg (this idea was also outlined by Ed Engle). And if we don't try to understand the fish at that level, than it is my belief that we limit ourselves as anglers. Besides why is this argument only used on trout?Please know that I do not think that most of the fly fishing community has an "Elitist" attitude toward fly fishing, and I have fished with and talked with many others who, even though they decide to just fish dries or spey patterns, do not feel as though other anglers need to adhere to there way of doing things.But again...this is coming from a guy who lives and fishes in the East!Keep up the great posts
--Radia Sat Jan 5 16:54:24 2013
I relaly gotta buy  I relaly gotta buy all his videos. He has quite a few. Trout in still waters is a real gem, you should see the monster he pulls out in that one HOLY CRAP its like a football LOL.
--Miky Sat Jan 5 16:54:25 2013

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