hi-diddly-ho, son
heh, I'm amused at the fact that your choice of a mine is the image of a gigantic sea mine, and an antique one at that, since modern sea mines use all sorts of novel detection methods that don't involve a giant ships brushing against them. In real life, those old mines are over a yard across, and you can fairly safely climb all over them because they're built to not detonate if a seal decides to play with it for a while. My dad says that, upon detection, the prescription for destroying those mines was to cut the cables so they'd float to the surface, and then they'd shoot it with a gun until it went off. Problem was, often the gun wouldn't set it off, but it would fill it with holes, and it would lose bouyancy, becoming a hazard again. Now they send out a diver with some explosives.
--LAN3 Sun Sep 23 17:34:22 2007

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