desert people are dry
Now that's aligning one's identity with a brand/consumption of a bumper sticker at its logical limit.
--The_Lex Tue Sep 25 10:15:53 2007

I don't know what you mean.

Then again, I don't know what the bumper sticker means.
--Kirk Tue Sep 25 16:33:45 2007
Did the car have a California license plate? Many artsy, cultural events in the moutains in resort areas. Many happy folks living on the ocean. Been there, done that. Reminds me of the Left Coast, not the east. Remember Virginia having the "Shoot A Developer Today" after massive developments cut into the rural flavor and rural narrow roads? Folks love the ocean until the winds slow and the Santa Ana winds come in...they head for the cooler mountains if the waves, red tides and surf, beaches aren't right. I enjoy bumper snickers ...... Rennie
--Rennie Tue Sep 25 20:42:15 2007
Well, this person is expressing themselves with this bumper sticker. Unfortunately, you simply don't know what they're expressing. They're being too much of an individual. ;b
--The_Lex Wed Sep 26 07:38:11 2007
Maybe ignorance is bliss?
--E-rin Fri Sep 28 05:29:22 2007

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