size matters
Hey Kirk, I am at one of your favorite customers. Implementing this feature, "ICB/ICE tags" on their CFM site. Can you guess the customer and who I am? :)
--anonymous Thu Oct 4 11:49:06 2007
Is your name like "crying"?

Is the customer all about the brains?
--Kirk Thu Oct 4 12:26:43 2007
Yay, I love inside jokes.

Remember that one time with the split-pea soup and the olives? Haha, good times.
--anonymous2 Thu Oct 4 14:12:27 2007
Err, sorry a2. Don't remember the split-pea soup, or olives.

Guess I'm vaguely worried about company confidentiality, not sure if that's why the original poster was being coy.
--Kirk Thu Oct 4 14:34:28 2007
You know, all things considered I think the level of "inside jokes" on this site is pretty minimal.
--Kirk Thu Oct 4 14:35:50 2007
and should probably be kept that way
--YELAS Fri Oct 5 09:26:06 2007
Yeah. I guess one of the themes of this site is "share stuff I find interesting with as many people as possible", and in general, that goes against a lot of injokes.

But then again, on say , I tend to try to keep it open and non-insidery as possible as well.
--Kirk Fri Oct 5 09:43:14 2007

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