nybbles and bytes
I think I remember once reading that in an argument, it goes something like this:

illogical v. illogical: louder, more obstinate illogical wins

illogical v. logical: illogical wins

logical v. logical: more logical wins

Something about illogical person being too obstinate to listen to reason.
--The_Lex Fri Oct 5 10:02:23 2007
If you can see a bit then you've probably done a good job compressing the data.

--ericball Fri Oct 5 12:11:32 2007
Lex: yeah. That's just another angle on for most people, the heart is stronger than the head.

Ericball: I can compress ANY set of data to 1 bit (and in constant time) if there aren't any limitations placed on the size of my compression algorithm.
--Kirk Fri Oct 5 12:15:45 2007

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