the man they call junior
I thought I remember reading somewhere (or more than one somewheres) that people preferred words rather than an overabundance of graphics and blinking stuff on the Internet.

Also, interesting that none of those quotes included anything about the written word being worth less because of better and cheaper distribution.
--The_Lex Tue Oct 9 07:35:21 2007
The only sound heard was that mcoyctole…hmmm, so wonder why the debunkers aren’t telling you those are just airplanes…..since there wasn’t any sound from the sky it’s really bold to say, but I thought I saw a triangle.
--Melinda Sat Feb 11 10:12:19 2012
I currently work on a projcet that suffers from the Waterfall process. My team has tried to incorporate stealth agile practices, one of which was a daily Scrum. We thought having a scrum would identify roadblocks and help us meet our schedule. At first it wasn't working out the way we hoped due to several reasons. The biggest issue was that we were stuck with a fixed highly ordered schedule and the result of the meeting lacked an impact on our daily tasks. We are still trying to find the ways to make our daily scrum feel like it is valuable. What definitely helps (and it sounds simple) is defining the purpose of the meeting and sticking to it. At first our team treated the scrums as a glorified status gathering snooze fest, then it became a quagmire of technical discussions.  We had to step back and think what we are trying to gain from this meeting.  It seems simple, but loosing track of meeting purposes happen all the time. Making sure the interested parties know that there is something gained by the meeting is critical to getting everyone involved. Maybe there isn't something gained and the meeting is not needed If the meeting does drift from the intended purpose then someone definitely has to step up and make the call to take the discussion off-line.
--Ache Fri Jul 13 12:06:30 2012

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