may fuel of psychotic intensity
      John,Yes… it is a shame that plpeoe do not comprehend internet etiquette.Hopefully as the field of SEO matures marketers will develop more decorum.    
--Gabriela Sat Feb 11 01:18:08 2012
My wtrtien reaction in response to the bombing The bombing at the Batasang Pambansa last night (Nov. 13, 2007) was a nightmare come true.How could the freaking HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, the building that sees the very core of our democratic and legislative powers at work, be infiltrated and bombed???!!!How the fuck were these bombers able to get through their security???If security was tight and really effective, how could this happen?The government is NOT doing enough to protect its LAWMAKERS!Although there may be many implications as to why the security of Batasan was breached, the continuance of these bombings seems unbridled! When will it end?? If these bombings continue to ravage the capital, there will be no one else to blame BUT THE GOVERNMENT  GMA's administration! So, if indeed it is true, that her administration is orchestrating these explosions to divert attention from the controversies that she and her family are marred in, they should now BE AFRAID because instead of just being distracted, the people will demand ACCOUNTABILITY! For these bombings! If these bombings do not stop, the people will NOT TRUST THE STATE EVEN MORE! And political instability will envelop the nation. And if, on the other hand, the government is innocent of executing a conspiracy, GMA's administration should still fear the public outcry that will ensue, because of its INEFFECTIVITY and POWERLESSNESS to adress these maddening bombings!THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD ACT TO PREVENT THESE BOMBINGS.PEOPLE ARE NOT STUPID and will DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY.GMA cannot afford to treat these events as she has the extra-judicial killiings that have silently taken place. She needs to act QUICKLY and DECISIVELY AGAINST BLATANT ACTS OF INJUSTICE, TERRORISM and ANARCHY!IF she does not stop these bombings, the people must be prepared to ADRESS THE NEED FOR SECURITY AND PEACE THEMSELVES. That is the freaking reason why we are a democracy! We ourselves CAN DO SOMETHING. As Filipinos, we should not stand for these kinds of situations. We should not act INDIFFERENTLY, and we should be ready to answer the calls for JUSTICE, as a PEOPLE. We must stand for what is RIGHT!These fucking bombings should stop!
--Jessica Mon Feb 13 11:01:20 2012
Re: Hezbollah Sets Up in Mexico.It has been reported 230 U.S. Cites are plaoiferrted with street gangs that support Mexican Drug Cartels—selling illegal-drugs in America. Mexican Drug Cartels among other acts of terrorism are deploying (roadside bombs) in Mexico to maim and kill police and military personnel to further their Narco-Terrorist-Enterprises—that extends into the United States.U.S. Street gangs that market illegal-drugs for Mexican Drug Cartels are effectively agents of Foreign Terrorists. The “Patriot Act” defined “supporting terrorism” as any criminal activity that participates in World Markets that terrorists may use or depend on for their support. It is obvious U.S Street Gangs sponsored by Mexican Cartels to sell illegal drugs in the U.S., are participating in World Markets which Mexican Cartel Terrorists use and depend on for their support. U.S. Government should charge gang members arrested in the U.S. caught selling Mexican Cartel illegal-drugs, with aiding and supporting foreign terrorists.U.S. police and border patrol agents that take bribes from Mexican Drug Cartels to help smuggle their drugs and other illegal contraband into the U.S., should be charged with aiding and supporting foreign terrorists.
--Open Fri Nov 22 20:35:26 2013

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