Dude, you're such a wuss, thinking that Rockport is 'North.' Try Canada. . .. ;b
--The_Lex Sat Oct 13 11:38:36 2007
Rockport, hell.... I think Boston is more northerly than it need to be. foolish pilgrims!
--Kirk Sat Oct 13 15:05:09 2007
Although I never played D&D more than casually a part of me was saddened when WotC streamlined the rules to D20. I probably still have a small dice collection (though I don't think I have a D100 anymore) in a shoebox somewhere.

--ericball Mon Oct 15 10:43:13 2007
Heheh, D100s were pretty amazing. Like little colored golfballs, weren't they?
--Kirk Mon Oct 15 15:48:21 2007

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