whistle, you dumb bastard!
I'm going to have to read that series on Slate. The whole "pass laws that people don't really observe and police don't really enforce" thing has always bugged me.
--Max Mon Oct 15 09:49:59 2007
There are laws which are unenforced, but many laws (i.e. speeding and jaywalking) which are selectively enforced. So most days you will get away with it, often in full view of the police. But each time you break the law you are taking the chance that today someone feels like making you the example.
--ericball Mon Oct 15 12:44:35 2007
Not the example - more the revenue source.

Good point about the distinction though.
--Kirk Mon Oct 15 13:38:23 2007

Tsk, tsk.
--Al Gore Mon Oct 15 15:49:59 2007
Cute woman walking past form part of the environment of setting on a stoop.

(Maybe if I heard about the damn day BEFORE the event, I would've written to it.)
--Kirk Mon Oct 15 16:03:36 2007
Don't come running to me when you can no longer sit on stoops because of the high water levels from global warming.
--Al Gore Mon Oct 15 16:24:42 2007
How hilarious would it be if that was really Al Gore?
--The_Lex Mon Oct 15 16:32:41 2007

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