romance in this modern age
How Romantic (meant both from a sarcastic and from a historical, academic perspective).
--The_Lex Fri Oct 19 10:00:58 2007
it is kind of how I'm feeling about romance these days; an urge to hurl into stuff (or be hurled at) with few reservations, and then working it out later.
--Kirk Fri Oct 19 10:08:41 2007
As long as you hurl yourself confidently and comfortably (but ontoward, for the sake of hurling or a misbegotten attempt at impressing someone that doesn't share interest to create a foundation for the long term), I think you'll be all right.

But if you're just trying to sleep with someone, I think it could do fine, too, as long as you show confidence and comfortability.
--The_Lex Fri Oct 19 10:41:43 2007
Found in Kirk's work: "convert a single file .... yes the parameters coming in are a bit redundant, sosumi"
--sosumi Fri Oct 19 17:44:58 2007
Wow, I think that's a code comment from my previous job...
--Kirk Sat Oct 20 09:16:14 2007

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