thursday needs more thor
The reverse is true for me as well. If I want something like Christmas Eve to come quickly - I make a dentist or gyn appointment for the 23rd of December!

--YELAS Thu Oct 25 10:50:20 2007
Except the SWOT only had one derivative picture, while Matrix had two.

--ericball Thu Oct 25 11:41:29 2007
Well, there was some idea that Matrix 2+3 were just a broken up megamovie, wasn't there?

After 1, I was kind of hoping it would play more with the idea of "superhumans" in the matrix. While I'm a bigger fan of 2 and 3 than most people, the Zion bits are my least favorite. (I think people tend to forget how much the first movie was a mystery, with The Matrix being more real than "reality")

And speaking of derivative, one of my biggest displeasures of the Prequels was how "fathfully" they replayed the fighter scenes, like didn't they actually repeat "lock S-foils in attack position" and other comlink chatter? For me it turned my favorite, faux-WW2 dogfight events into these odd repeatable rituals.

Worst offender for sequel slavish devotion: Blues Brothers 2000. While they made a pretty good cover of "Ghost Riders", the whole implication that "A Blues Brothers movie would need a Country/Western number" seemed contrived.
--Kirk Thu Oct 25 13:16:42 2007
After viewing Matrix 2+3 back-to-back, I could get into them more. Actually paying attention to the dialogue rather than trying to pay attention to everything makes for more interesting movies.
--The_Lex Fri Oct 26 10:13:37 2007

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