the barometer
Somehow flashes me back to the speeder bike chase of Luke and Leia through the forest of Endor!
--YELM Tue Oct 30 07:19:34 2007
Woah! What's the ninja clip from? The little car is kinda cool.
--The_Lex Tue Oct 30 09:15:13 2007
I think it's "Ninja Thunderbolt", a 1985 flick. See for more information.
--Kirk Tue Oct 30 10:07:06 2007
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--rhpmysc qxtdb Thu Jan 3 00:20:19 2008
no P.J i didnt,i kinda forgot about it and spent the next hour cnhuklicg to myself about the times.Im relativly new to running(3 months or so currently half way through the CFE intro 6week thing)and i find myself naturally running ball to heel so i was really looking for a few sessions just nailing the technique
--Sukaryatik Sat Aug 11 21:54:44 2012

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