no please, but lots of snow
The "Finnish have no word for please" reminds me of this several-years-old ad for an Israeli McDonalds menu item, the McShoarma:

Apparently it's a self-deprecating gag aimed towards the brusque Israeli fashion of speaking.

The McShoarma actually looks quite tasty, but then again, McD is known to screw up pickles. Maybe the McDonalds version wouldn't taste good, but a turkey pita with pickles and tahini? Yum
--LAN3 Mon Nov 5 00:53:15 2007
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There is nnhitog wrong with the idea of McDonald’s wedding reception, Ryan. McDo as we call it here in the Philippines had been part of many peoples’ activities in all walks of life. True enough some had met at the place for the first time. They wanted to have Mcdo as part on their memorable day. Aside from the fact that food is cheaper, to me, it is a fun way to start a family. ♥ So, why not? Go Mcdo! :)
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