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I'm not sure the iPhone deserves to be the top invention of 2007. Most hyped gadget maybe. But only time will tell whether it will bring about a true revolution like the iPod.

Other quibbles:
Methane Fueled rocket - so you can get methane, but then you'll need to bring along a supply of Oxygen to burn it with.

Beowulf 3D - I have no idea what they are talking about. Two film cameras with syncronized shutters won't have any "syncronization issues". Maybe it's a hybrid live+CGI system which seamlessly merges both together in 3-D.

--ericball Wed Nov 7 12:32:43 2007
Why is iPod such a revolution? There were MP3 players around. They just weren't designed as well or (in general) storing as much.

I'd say the iPhone is to other smartphones at LEAST what the iPod was to MP3 players. (And I'm saying this as a guy who is working for a competitor in the field, though obviously my opinions are not nec. those of my employer, etc) In particular, this is the first time the web has been made handheld and slick. As a phone and an MP3 player, it's graceful and cool, but usable semi-ubiquitous web is Something New. Even if it doesn't have the market dominance of the iPod (since cellphones are more established than MP3 players were when the iPod came out) I would say it deserves accolades for what it is, not for the amount of hype it generated.
--Kirk Wed Nov 7 13:33:31 2007
I thought one of the main reasons the iPhone hasn't become so ubiquitous has to do more with its contract solely <sp?> with just one wireless provider than anything.
--The_Lex Thu Nov 8 10:33:54 2007
Well, first is the price...
It is more expensive than a regular phone, but competitive with smart phones.

If the idea of the web browsing doesn't appeal, and/or you have your PDA and MP3 needs met, then it's not a great deal.

But then for some people AT+T is a huge turnoff, and justifiably so. Their coverage is truly mediocre at best. Depite the hype.
--Kirk Thu Nov 8 12:40:15 2007
I'm ignorant as to the advantage Mac has from the whole providing service solely through AT&T deal.
--The_Lex Thu Nov 8 14:10:56 2007
I suspect Apple was able to secure some sweet funding agreements from AT&T to make the iPhone exclusive to them.

--ericball Fri Nov 9 12:53:45 2007
Also they were able to persuade AT+T to make some infrastructure improvements, like for the "visual voicemail", which is reasonably nifty.
--Kirk Fri Nov 9 23:43:16 2007

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