scraping for new material
New York accent:

"I got yer majick RIGHT HERE"

(grab crotch)

--anonymous please Fri Nov 9 13:06:44 2007
dude, rainbow toting unicorns is totally gay.
--miller Fri Nov 9 13:53:21 2007
yeah! that's what i'm sayin'!
errr, again, apologies.
--Kirk Fri Nov 9 14:42:44 2007
Do straight guys even like unicorns?
--The_Lex Fri Nov 9 16:08:55 2007
Do gay guys even like unicorns?
--Elton John Fri Nov 9 23:36:46 2007
Boingboing likes unicorns. They have "unicorn chasers" after particularly potentially disturbing links.
--Kirk Fri Nov 9 23:41:08 2007
Speaking of unicorns:

--LAn3 Sun Nov 11 04:27:51 2007
YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH! Unicorns kick ass.
--Kirk Sun Nov 11 16:18:22 2007
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