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--mchxky tcimruvx Fri Nov 16 20:49:25 2007
Nov23  I saw your post in the MT forums, I see you got November to show up. Once you get the hang of MT, I'm sure you'll enjoy it even more. Good Luck.
--Ahmad Fri Jul 13 10:27:26 2012
Typically you see the closing baetkrcs showing up because there is minor coding mistake somewhere, but since you didn't mention getting a parse error that does not appear to be the case. ie the closing baetkrcs fall outside of the php close. Another thought and I don't know if this will take care of the formatting issue, but for some reason my gut is telling me that you should try and install the TinyMCE Advanced WordPress plugin. It allows you to truly control the wysiwyg editor in WordPress. Once you install the plugin you need to configure it. Either way you should have this plugin as a standard must have plugin for every reason I can possibly think of. Hope that helps. Good luck.
--Augusto Sun Jul 15 02:11:18 2012

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