I assume it's a Windows Mobile feature, but SMS in WM5 does indeed have a counter that displays chars/160, and when you exceed 160, the denominator will increase by 160 and indicate "2 messages" in addition to the count. I have sent a 3-message whopper once, but it was a paste from the etymology dictionary and all worth sending-- normally I don't abuse people's attention-span for more than one message.

The T-Mob Shadow is in fact the HTC Juno, which I believe will be properly superceded by the slightly more wonderful HTC Touch (Spring will be releasing that), but the Touch cheap enough that I would considering stepping down to it from my HTC Hermes/Cing 8525.
--LAN3 Tue Nov 13 18:20:27 2007
Besides, Steve Jobs and AT&T are the only iPhone-killers I've heard of, heheh.
--LAN3 Tue Nov 13 18:23:17 2007
Sorry to keep spamming. The de Kooning quote reminds me of George Orwell-- I recently read and enjoyed "Down and Out in Paris and London" by Orwell, a slightly fictionalized account of a few brief periods in which he was unemployed and living the life of either wage slaves (Paris dishwasher) or vagabonds (a curious existence created by an odd set of English laws and regulations). Before he got a job in Paris, though, he said that being poor and thereby hungry, all you can think about is food, and unfortunately, you have plenty of time in which to think about it.

It's actually a pleasant read, I must say, and moves along pretty well. I look forward to the one with Wigan Pier in the title, where he was more or less sent undercover to examine coal miner's existence, but the result merited a disclaimer from the editors of the Socialist Book Club for which it was written. Hmm!
--LAN3 Tue Nov 13 18:32:21 2007
Yeah, the 160 counter was one of the few things that Windows Mobile did better than iPhone.
--Kirk Tue Nov 13 18:47:47 2007
Where I said "Spring will be releasing that," I meant "Sprint." However, I believe we should use the seasons in that way.
--LAN3 Tue Nov 13 22:17:53 2007
It was a pretty easy error to correct from the reader standpoint.
--The_Lex Wed Nov 14 11:58:16 2007

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