Save the Schultz Bio for me to read, please.
--YELM Sat Nov 17 14:51:28 2007
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--yathovdb vjuz Fri Jan 11 05:04:40 2008
A3BzDG A big thank you for your article. Awesome.
--Adobe OEM Software Wed Mar 7 17:01:56 2012
The cheap price for this item reflects its quiatly. Item comes in a plastic bag with Wireless Accessories and Made in China on the bag it doesn't even identify what company made this item. Shell consists of two parts that snap together. It fit my iPod 2nd Generation, but I didn't notice until I put my iPod Touch in that there was a chip in the case near the opening for the connector and a scratch on the shell. As several prior reviews stated, it is difficult to get the iPod out once put in. Luckily, using a thin screw driver I was able to pry the case off. Very poor quiatly product, not worth the money you pay for it. I have since ordered to DLO hard shell case. I should have stuck with them as I have one of their hard shells for my 3rd generation iPod Nano. Don't fall for the cheap price.
--Axel Fri Jul 13 11:39:19 2012
vjhS6j Really enjoyed this blog article.Really thank you! Great.
--awesome things! Fri Jan 31 17:00:00 2014

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