citation so damn needed
I knew it. Cheesy is the new edgy!

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--Nick B Wed Nov 21 09:53:42 2007
Doesn't that devolution of research occur in the Foundation series?
--mkb Wed Nov 21 10:33:05 2007
Yep, it was in Asimov's classic Foundation series.

--ericball Wed Nov 21 12:23:18 2007
I'm facing a similar issue for a history/social science essay I'm writing. I've had to do plenty of research via primary & secondary resources. . .and part of me asks, why go through the redundant research when someone else has proved a point that I need for my essay. Fortunately or unfortunately, however, I have yet to find anyone who has proven a point I need. . ..
--The_Lex Wed Nov 21 16:16:48 2007

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