the discrete charm of the green line at rush hour
I thought the "Great Plains experience" was eye catching. Is that a software or something?

Yeah, I always wondered why the Park St and Boylston stops were so close together.

Sometimes the more annoying things about the Green Line is waiting for the correct branch when going outbound. Going inbound toward Lechmere/Gov't Ctr/North Station, the Green Line branches can get annoying, too. . ..
--The_Lex Thu Nov 29 10:30:13 2007
My theory on Park St/Boylston St stations proximity is that Boylston is much older (pretty sure the green line is the oldest) and then when they added the Red Line, they just decided to keep Boylston open for some reason. It looks kind of old and run down in there, and I think it's where you're most likely to see defunct trolleys parked.
--Kirk Thu Nov 29 10:45:31 2007
(Hmm, Wikipedia seems to suggest they were both built in 1897, with the Red Line added in 1912... weird! Why bother to have so stations so close? It's like the 19th century version of the thinking that brought us the Segway scooter...)
--Kirk Thu Nov 29 10:49:28 2007
Ahhhh...there's nothing like the "music" of the screeching of the subway car wheels as they painfully inch their way around the curve of the Boylston St station!
--yelm Thu Nov 29 11:08:47 2007
From the historical information boards in one or both Park St/Boylston, I think the rail between those two stops is the oldest transit system in the US. Maybe it was a big deal back then, but now, it's like "ehhhhh. . .why?"
--The_Lex Thu Nov 29 11:19:10 2007

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