you're a mean drunk, superman
Even you kept watching forever, and his reactions were real according to Superman, he still wouldn't go under the table.

Of course, Chuck Norris would drink down a bottle of whiskey for every shot Superman does.
--The_Lex Sun Dec 2 21:42:16 2007
Have you heard the radio spots for Dos Equis that are a clear revamp of the Chuck Norris lines? Some of the lines are clever enough (though I don't know if they're original themselves) but then they reveal the "He" to be -- "the most interesting man in the world"
--Kirk Mon Dec 3 07:06:39 2007
Yeah, heard that one. Honestly, though, I feel like the whole "I don't drink a lot, but when I do drink. . .I drink Dos Equis" kind of counteracts the rest of it for some reason, though.
--The_Lex Mon Dec 3 08:40:58 2007
For some reason the tag line has really sunk into my head, and I know it's "I don't always drink beer, but when I do... I prefer Dos Equis".

I know that's a nitpick, but there's something subtly going on there, different from your rendition... he's too "interesting" to always drink just beer, but it doesn't quite carry the anti-drinking warning that "don't drink a lot" would have... and "I prefer ___" over the traditional "I drink ___" is almost... I dunno, classy in its recognition that sometimes you get what your host has to offer, but you still have your preferences.

Sometimes I think it would have been fun to have been in the ad business.
--Kirk Mon Dec 3 09:35:24 2007
You make a good point there about the "copy." I never thought of that way. I think my brain pretty much translated what was really said to what I think was implied.

I guess that's what our human minds do, translate according to our emotions and biases. That makes for an interesting part of the ad/marketing industry, figuring out your market and how that market "translates" meaning behind copy.
--The_Lex Mon Dec 3 12:02:49 2007
Yeah, the big question is, then, did the nuance I mention still sink in, in some level, or just the simplified version you recounted?

My memory is so idiosyncratic in keeping total recall details and losing other, it drives me nuts.
--Kirk Tue Dec 4 12:47:49 2007
It hasn't sunk in as a suggestion. More like "Kirk has revealed to me a nuance in that Dos Equis's commercial that I didn't notice before. If it's worth my while or I need that information, I can always just go back to the Superman drinking whiskey blog entry."

As for memory, I try not to get too worked up about it, especially over the little things that I use external reminders for. I've come to peace with my selective memory. . .it's certainly better than waxing nostalgic all the time and pack ratting everything.
--The_Lex Tue Dec 4 15:20:28 2007
Err, I meant when you heard the actual radio spot, and they used some careful language that for some reason I (think I) am remembering in detail, did the details they used have the intended effect, despite your inability to recollect them? (I don't think there's an easy way to judge)
--Kirk Tue Dec 4 15:27:04 2007
Oh. Well, I've actually never had Dos Equis. For awhile, I didn't even connect the spelling with the proncunciation. I have no urge to go out and drink any, though. Then again, I'm not much of a beer drinker.

On top of that, we still have plenty of Heineken, Miller and Molson left over from the wedding. Then for the month of November, a local pub had $4 pints of Newcastle, which I would have drunk if I wanted to go out to bars.

Commercials and ads really don't affect me much, especially when I mostly exposed to them on the radio and most of the radio commercials around here ARE annoying and seem to be for schools and/or scammy business propositions.
--The_Lex Tue Dec 4 16:10:22 2007
Plenty of PSAs and auto insurance commercials, too. It's kind of strange being barraged to them, too, now that I live in a state that allows pricing competition between auto insurance companies (and actually has a selection of auto insurance companies. . .).
--The_Lex Tue Dec 4 16:11:17 2007
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