High score: 68

The key is to keep your tail in the middle. Otherwise you're dead.

Also, if you enter the real estate building and then leave immediately, you get extra money. Oh wait, wrong game. That's Dinopark Tycoon.
--T. Rex Tue Dec 4 09:14:54 2007
yeah... that's kind of the flaw in the game, I was thinking the player would be moving and flowing around the screen a bit more, but in reality the best strategy is to stay fairly coiled and minimizing exposed tail area... I added the apples to get a bit more movement around, then.
--Kirk Tue Dec 4 09:23:46 2007
--Kirk Tue Dec 4 12:49:01 2007
--T. Rex Tue Dec 4 21:15:03 2007
I look the hooray! Is that you, Kirk?
--The_Lex Wed Dec 5 00:02:52 2007
Like = look?

yeah, all sounds are me on the mic.

For the Hooray I recorded...err, a few tracks I guess you'd say, in Audacity, and then merged them.

I'm not sure it's clear, the villagers cheer when the dragon is slain and when an apple is stolen.

If I make a revamp of this, I might have waves of villagers, and make it clear which ones are stealing apples and which ones are attacking you...
--Kirk Wed Dec 5 09:31:03 2007
Oh crap. I thought I was supposed to eat the apples and avoid the villagers. . .. I'll have to try it again now I know what I'm doing.
--The_Lex Wed Dec 5 11:45:23 2007
I think the game would be better if you started out with a really short tail, and then for each villager you eat, a segment gets added.
--T. Rex Fri Dec 7 19:30:40 2007
yeah, part of the trouble was working out how to get the angle of the new tail piece right.
--Kirk Fri Dec 7 19:42:53 2007

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