greenhouse r.i.p.
Ack! It's horrible to see these great institutions fall. I'm kinda scared to visit Boston and see the horrors that have occurred. . .. =(
--The_Lex Wed Dec 5 11:44:09 2007
I bet those ads were pretty successful, considering a sufficiently witty ad would certainly inspire in many a witty reply.
--LAN3 Wed Dec 5 19:23:56 2007
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--jfclunbao hpnxw Sun Jan 18 02:00:26 2009
More posts of this quality. Not the usual c***, pelase
--Kaylin Fri Jan 6 07:57:27 2012
Which of the Oregon games is at home and which on the road? You have them both meakrd as home games…thanks            
--Baki Sat Feb 11 09:30:18 2012
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I'm in town just for about 48 hours, but I should have this eeivnng (Saturday Jan 5th) free. If anyone wants to meet up for dinner, please let me know/post something here. I was thinking about just doing something in the mokdong area and then heading over to BO'C afterwards, but I'm open to suggestions. If anyone knows any good bbq/kalbi places in that area, that would be my first choice, but I'm easy. Say 7:30pm and we'll figure out the rest here.
--Randy Mon Sep 16 04:40:19 2013
The fact that we have an "Abdul Hameed" as a decision maker at our emsbasy in Pakistan is one major problem. The fact that we maintain diplomatic relations with Pakistan at all is another. The fact that we allow immigration from Islamic countries or by Islamic persons at all is yet another.Worst of all is the fact that we have a federal immigration minister who seems unable or unwilling to use any of the many executive tools (e.g. Orders In Council) at his disposal to modify the regulations under/within the Immigration Act so as to prevent ANY "bride" under the age of 21 from being admissable (and any bride under 25 who already has children - both of which would knock out 99.9% of family immigration from Islamic nations).But alas I forgot: Just as the leftist multi-kultis want us to live in a squalid patchwork kumbaya, the right wing believes in the global portability of labour (so as to keep labour costs down), very much a market-driven, Libertarian principal that Canada's Conservative party fund-providers endorse, so the right has no more incentive to look at the broader/longer term implications of allowing mass, indiscriminate immigration than the left does.Leaving me to ask, where is the federal political party that represents the interests of Canada's long term national health?
--Shadab Thu Sep 19 03:57:48 2013

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