how high?
All of the people that have died climbing Mount Everest and other tall mountains have probably already thrown it off.
--Mountain Dew Fri Dec 7 09:42:34 2007
It really depends on the lifestyle of the person. If they don't move from one residence to another, move their residence, don't really adventure out into the world, etc. etc., they may just live and die in the same altitude.

I'm willing to even argue that a good amount of people have been born and have or will die at the same altitude. A fair amount of the human is probably unadventerous.
--The_Lex Fri Dec 7 10:27:16 2007
You'd have to have a dramic shift in elevation for a significant population to make a measurable overall change.

Yeah, Denver may be a mile above sea level, but most of the inhabited world isn't that far from sea level (i.e. several hundred feet). So you take the billions of people who are born & die in about the same place and they overwhelm the few folks who die climbing Everest or free diving the ocean depths.

I wonder how CNN came to the conclusion the C64 has the worst graphics. The Apple ][ was a frame buffer with whacked-out addressing & bit to color mapping. The A8 was a display list processor with 2 color sprites. The C64 had color sprites and a programmable character generator.

--ericball Fri Dec 7 12:48:44 2007
Researching a C64 emulator once, I read about how the disk drive for the Commodore was a very different from the disk drive that we're familiar with. The disk drive had its own "full blown" processor and everything.
--The_Lex Fri Dec 7 15:19:39 2007

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