That's close to, but not quite, how I made my animated Pac-Mania LJ icon. In my case, the steps were more like this:

1. Use an emulator to record an AVI of the Pac-Mania intro screen
2. Load it into a demo version of Ulead GIF Animator
3. Use the alpha channel to hide all the monsters but Blinky, and reduce the size of the GIF.
4. Drop enough frames that the animation would look like real-time in Windows browsers.

However, there was one case where I went to even more trouble. I wanted to make an Atari XL/XE demo with software sprites, so I used a GB emulator and the Animaniacs ROM to make walking Yakko, Wakko, and Dots. I forgot all the tools I used, but I had to get them all into a format that was easy to AND and OR into the Atari's bit-mapped memory. I got them to the point where they could walk across the screen, making it probably the first successful animation port between the Game Boy and Atari 8-bit. But when I tried to add color with some raster effects, some bug arose and I couldn't fix it. So the project was never completed.
--Nick Bensema Mon Dec 10 12:10:11 2007
Incidentally, do you ever post stuff to 4chan's /gif/?

There seems to be a thread about animated gifs that can be tiled. I think I saw one with a lot of Last Ninjas running around, and a "busy stick figures on platforms" one I think I saw here first. (No way I'm spelunking 4chan for the URL while I'm at work.)
--Nick Bensema Mon Dec 10 12:17:14 2007
Yeah, I hit 4chan every once in a while. I've posted a few movie rips there (which are a lot less labor intensive than this was!)

You ROM-scraped, huh? Impressive! But actually I couldn't think of a good way of grabbing the color data, so I'll probably stick with this method.

I think I know the source of Last Ninjas, I'll probably post it tomorrow.
--Kirk Mon Dec 10 12:35:55 2007
You must have too much free time on your hands.
--Anonymous Mon Dec 10 14:35:11 2007
of course not! I just don't use the time I have in appropriate ways.
--Kirk Mon Dec 10 15:00:33 2007
Hey, what about the Celtics? They are 17-2! Not so bad if you asked me. Last year it took to March to win 17 games! What a great turn around!
--MacintoshMan Mon Dec 10 17:15:35 2007
True! If I was just a fair-weather fan, I'd be paying more attention to them, 'cause they are ripping up the joint!

I'm just not sure I have a real appreciation for a sport that's constantly moving.

Still, hope the Celtics keep up the pace!

--Kirk Mon Dec 10 18:42:45 2007
Do you mean, if you weren't a fair weather fan?
--The_Lex Tue Dec 11 10:18:52 2007

Now is a very good time to be a fair weather Celtics fan, because they're doing great.

Ergo, my relative disinterest in them at the moment implies I have to find the sport compelling, not just their chances of winning.
--Kirk Tue Dec 11 10:46:01 2007
Ohhhh. . .I failed to put the implicit 'now' into the sentence.
--The_Lex Tue Dec 11 11:29:47 2007
Yeah, but after I thought about it I realize you have a good point.

If i start watching Celtics after a championship or two, that's where the real test is. maybe fairweatherness takes a while to heat up :-)
--Kirk Tue Dec 11 12:08:05 2007

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