It's New England. The land that killed most of the Pilgrims.

As ridiculous as the heat gets here, at least there's no shoveling involved.
--Nick B Fri Dec 14 14:20:38 2007
Also! Is there a conclusive list of "Things ___ Is No Longer Allowed To Do"? The first one I saw was for D&D players.
--Nick B Fri Dec 14 14:21:29 2007
Ah, Mr. Welch it seems..
--Kirk Fri Dec 14 17:50:23 2007
What! Bug Spray nullifies Birth Control! Why didn't some one tell be before my camping trip last week! Even condoms?!?
--wink wink Fri Dec 14 19:19:37 2007
That list of "not allowed to do" is inspiring me. Night Shift Asst. Editors tend to be a strange lot and I think we need a list like that. Number 1 will have to be: Angel is no longer allowed to greet fellow workers by miming shooting them with arrows in a reenactment of Legalas's orc battle, even though he has the hair.
--Erin Maru Fri Dec 14 19:42:02 2007
--Cordelia Sat Dec 15 11:10:20 2007

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